Hands-On Teaching Tools

Heritage Children’s Basket

The Heritage Children’s Basket is available to borrow for one to two weeks. Each willow basket contains fifteen books designated for grades 2 through 5. The books were chosen for their relevance to Maine and/or the Colonial and 19th Century time frame. Maine authors were chosen when possible. Complementing the books are three games that were popular during the same time frame: Nine Pins; Draughts (an early term for Checkers), and Shut the Box. Directions are included for each game.

To reserve the use of a Basket for your classroom contact Louise Miller at [email protected].


What is it? Possessions of a Colonial Household

Reproductions of eight everyday items of 18th and early 19th century home life are offered as a challenge for identification by the students. The items are sent in a linen fabric roll to keep the pieces organized.  A photo key details the name and use of each item. What is It? is available free, one to a school. A second set is available at a nominal cost of $25.