Submit Volunteer Hours

Thank you for being a volunteer!

Please use this form for reporting all volunteer hours for LCHA.  This includes meeting preparation and attendance, emailing, outreach tasks, checking on the houses, running errands for LCHA, writing and researching for any LCHA events or publications, etc. In short, please include any time that you are doing something on behalf of LCHA.

There are many reasons why tracking volunteer hours is important to LCHA. First of all, it is important to us to know what you’re doing on the organization’s behalf so we can thank you for your time. Second, it allows us to get a true sense of what the organization’s needs are: all of your efforts contribute to LCHA’s success and it’s important for us to keep track of how much time that takes!

There are lots of other great reasons to keep track of your volunteer time – it can actually help strengthen grant application and attract more volunteers, along with helping us understand the true cost of running LCHA.

Thank you for all you do!

Volunteer Hours Reporting

Choose the month for which you are reporting volunteer hours.
Please enter a number rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Estimates are okay! Include time spent preparing for and attending meetings, travel to and from meetings, on-site volunteer work, and any other time you’re spending time on LCHA business or projects.