Lincoln County Pilgrimage Officially Postponed to 2021

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has led LCHA and the Lincoln County Commissioner’s Office to postpone our Bicentennial “Lincoln County Pilgrimage,” which was originally scheduled for mid-August. We had been working on this initiative for nearly a year, and had more than ten organizations and nearly twenty sites throughout the county ready to organize and host open houses of historical sites; special tours of historic buildings and landmarks; reenactments of historical events; special displays, speakers; a guided driving tour; and an open archaeological dig.

We received a $4,500 grant from the Maine Bicentennial Commission to support the pilgrimage, and the Commission has stated that we will be able to use the funds next year. Given the level of coordination, planning, and collaboration necessary to pull this off, we are currently planning to postpone until summer 2021. While we’re disappointed that we’ll have to postpone, the participating organizations were all in agreement, and we’re hopeful that we can recreate, and perhaps even expand, the pilgrimage in what will be Maine’s 201st year of statehood. We’ll ask everyone to bring a plus-one to Maine’s Bicentennial Plus-One!

Not all is lost, however. The “Commemorating Statehood” column is still running roughly every month in the Lincoln County News. Of course, if you have an idea for a column, please be in touch.

Maine’s 200th year has certainly been interesting thus far. I don’t think we’ll ever forget (much as we might like to) what we were doing during Maine’s bicentennial year.